Introducing Free Watchdog Alerts

You can now set up Watchdog Alerts through Internet Banking.  It’s a great way to manage your accounts and your money.

We’ll send you an email, online message or a text message to your cell phone when…

          Your balance drops below an amount you specify.

          A specific check clears your checking account.

          A deposit is posted to your account.

          Any transaction is posted to your account.

Setting up a Watchdog Alert

Set up an Alert and we’ll send an email notification to you, based on your instructions.  The Alert will be sent to the personal email address that you provide or if you prefer it will be sent to you online through FirstNet Banking.

We also offer the option of having a text message sent to your cell phone.  If you prefer this option, you simply enter a cell phone related email address in the email address box.  Your standard text messaging fees, if applicable, would be charged by your cell phone provider.  Listed are some of the most common cell phone extensions in our area. If yours is not on this list, check with your cell phone company.

          US Cellular






You can set up and cancel Watchdog Alerts or delete a pending Alert at any time, through FirstNet Banking.  Just go to the messages section of your “Accounts” page.  Select “New” to set up a new message.  Click on “Messages” to manage existing messages.