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Real Estate Loans

Long considered a leading lender in Southwest Oklahoma, First National Bank is eager to assist you with a loan that's right for you.


First National offers loans for all kinds of reasons: home improvement, new and used cars, boats, vacations, educational needs, and many more. Our loan officers can help you with a loan that fits your budget. You can also use our FREE Consumer Installment Loans calculator.

Personal Loans
Loans for vacations, education, unexpected expenses, whatever you are thinking about...Don't just think about it! DO IT!

Auto Loans
Our competitive rates can help you stop dreaming and start driving.

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First National's loan programs are provided by experienced and knowledgeable loan officers who take the time to understand your particular financial needs. We offer loans to businesses of all types and sizes for equipment purchases, working capital, inventory expansion, real estate, etc. Commercial loans can be fixed or variable rate with flexible repayment schedules.

SBA Loans

Offering longer repayment terms, SBA Loans are excellent for businesses desiring to expand, modernize, purchase equipment, etc.

Business Manager
Business Manager is designed for all kinds of businesses, from manufacturers to retailers, from doctors and dentists to wholesale distributors. We fund your receivables right up front. We assume your billing functions and you receive a check. Then on new billings, you receive immediate credit for your charges, less a bank discount and a reserve for bad debts. You can use your proceeds to reinvest in your business, take advantage of supplier discounts or whatever you want. IT'S YOUR MONEY, NOW!

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At First National Bank, we understand the demands of farming and ranching and we're here to help you meet those demands. Our experienced agricultural lending staff can help you make the financial side of your operation run smoothly.

  • Production
  • Equipment
  • Livestock
    Stocker and Cow/Calf
  • Real Estate

FNB offers long and short fixed rate or adjustable mortgages.

We are also an approved FARMER MAC lender.



For people who ranch and farm, unpredictable loan payments are about as popular as mice at a cheese factory. They don't like them. And, with good reason. After all, making a financial forecast is difficult when costs keep changing. But now, there's help. At First National Bank, we've teamed up with Farmer Mac, an organization dedicated to the lending needs of farmers and ranchers. By working with Farmer Mac, we're able to provide long-term, fixed rate agricultural real estate loans. with a long-term, fixed rate loan, you know exactly what your payments will be. And because the payments are predictable, you can make financial plans and projections that are far more solid and reliable.

Call or E-mail us for more information.

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Home Improvement
We are ready to help you with all of your home improvement plans. Loan approval is quick and there are no application fees or discount points.

Home Equity Line of Credit
This Line of Credit allows you to take advantage of one of the most convenient ways to borrow money and perhaps save on your taxes* at the same time. You can use your home's equity for anything from home improvements to vacations or just to buy that new car.
*Please consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility.

Auto Loan Versus Home Equity Calculator

FNB Mortgage Loans
Ready to buy a house? First National Bank is here for you. Our experienced mortgage lenders offer a wide variety of loans with both fixed and variable interest rates. We offer VA, FHA, and many conventional mortgage loan programs. Call or E-mail us and we'll be happy to send you information on the loan program of your choice.


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