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Now offering FREE personal and small business checking!


First Free Checking

The important word here is FREE! Write all the checks you want, FREE.


First Choice Plus Checking

With a First Choice Plus checking account, not only do you earn interest, but you get a wide range of other first National products and services, including a personal size safe deposit box free for a year and your first order of personalized checks FREE.

Prime Time Fifty

If you're over 50, it's time to celebrate. With a Prime Time Fifty account, you get great benefits such as interest on your account, your first order of personalized checks free, $100,000 common carrier accidental death insurance, credit card protection, 24 hour banking, and more.

Prime Time Fifty Plus

With a Prime Time Fifty Plus account, you get all the benefits of a Prime Time Fifty account, plus $10,000 accidental death insurance and an additional $150,000 common carrier accidental death insurance, a personal size safe deposit box FREE for a year, and all your personalized checks are FREE.

Relationship Checking

Some accounts offer a relationship feature - no monthly fee when you maintain a minimum combined balance. Call or E-mail us for details.


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Free Small Business Checking

Designed as a FREE account for businesses with fewer than 100 transactions per month, this account has no minimum balance requirement and no monthly maintenance fees. Plus you get FREE check safekeeping, FREE 24 hour bank by phone, and FREE business online banking.


Regular Checking

First National's most popular business account provides unlimited check writing and you receive images of your checks in your monthly statement.

Sweep Account

A Sweep Account is a smart, easy way to combine checking convenience AND maximum daily investments. Unlimited check writing and automatic daily sweep means your money is always available and always working for you.


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Regular Savings Account

An excellent way to start a savings program, this account opens with $100. Deposits are unlimited and interest accrues daily.

Money Management Savings

A savings account that allows convenient access, you may write as many as six checks per month. This account pays a higher rate of interest while still allowing you to get your money when you need it. Interest rates are tiered so the more money you save, the higher interest rate we pay.


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Short and long term certificates are available. Interest payment options are available on all terms such as, monthly interest transfers to your FNB account, or leaving your interest in the account and letting your interest earn interest.

Rule Breaker CD

This certificate breaks all the rules. You can add to your CD when you want to, withdraw money without a penalty, and you're not locked into a fixed maturity date.

Step Ahead CD

Lock in your money at a great rate for three years and once during that time you can STEP AHEAD your rate to a higher rate.

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